Mr. Kunal N Darade Secretary

Dr. Yogesh Gosavi Director


            Teacher-Guardian scheme is introduced with a view to impart personal touch to the process of learning at the college. A group of 20 students will be looked after by a dedicated and experienced teacher. The teacher guardian a torch bearer of these 20 students will be available to overcome all types of difficulties by giving a family like environment.

            Especially students from outside city need a helping hand to rectify the areas of study where the improvement is required. All students are encouraged by the guardian to improve upon by hard work and corrective guidance. A reciprocative action is expected from both students and guardian in meeting periodically.

The parents are assured that their wards are under absolute regular supervision and continuous guidance. Performance of the students will be communicated to parents by respective teacher guardian.

    • 1) One guardian teacher for twenty students.
    • 2) To acclimatise the new students to the campus life in MATOSHRI INSTITUTION
    • 3) Guardian Teacher does all the follow up regarding attendance of students under his supervision.
    • 4) To introduce him/ her to senior students
    • 5) To campaign against ragging excesses (CARE)
    • 6) To enlighten the students on professional ethics and conduct
    • 7) To ease the trauma of transfer to a new place
    • 8) Teacher guardian monitors academic performance of students.
    • 9) Poor performance of students is improved by way of counseling.
    • 10) If required, teacher guardian calls the parents by phone on the basis of Monthly monitoring. Direct telephone lines in the office and SMS system is made available.
    • 11) Teacher guardian does the counseling about studies.
    • 12) Teacher guardian solves the domestic problems of students.
    • 13) In consultation with HOD, teacher guardian gives academic work/assignments to student for improvement.